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"A family pool can be a lot of fun  when installed correctly so we make sure it is installed correctly"

                                                          - Owner


Opening & Closing, Repairs, Renovation, Liner Replacement,

 Steel Steps, Covers, Retaining Walls



Waterfall * Heat Pump * Gas Heater * Salt Chlorination System

Colored Lights * Slide * Deck Jet * Bench * Sundeck

Vinyl In-Ground Pool
Excavate the backyard, set the pool walls, install the walls, step or benches, then A-frame the stakes and the copping, install the plumbing water lines and filter equipment, install the skimmers and bottom drains, install concrete lock around pool, install the bottom vermiculite cement inside the pool, install the liner, backfill around pool, install patio around pool


Gunite In-Ground Pool

Once a hole has been excavated in the yard, the sides and bottom of the hole are lined or framed with rebar (steel rods) and plumbing (water pipes). These can be sculpted into nearly any shape conceivable (rectangles, free forms pools), along with adding steps, sundeck, benches, spa and other features.

After the rebar is positioned, the pool shell is created by spraying a finish using shotcrete. This spray-on method helps a contractor when deciding the size and shape of a concrete pool. Various materials can be added to pool surfaces made of concrete or plaster, including tile, stones.

Vinyl in Ground
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